Slide New Horizons’ mission is to provide
holistic restoration for young girls
rescued from human trafficking
and sexual abuse
Help New Horizons House secure sustainable food sources for our India facility!

During such an uncertain time in India, we've experienced a true blessing of being given the opportunity to purchase 2 cows and the necessary garden supplies required for 20 raised garden beds for our girls and staff in India. Not only will these purchases provide our girls with invaluable agriculture skills, but also food security for all who live at the facility.
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The Problem

After drug dealing, Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world, and it is the fastest growing.1

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200,000 persons are trafficked In India annually.2 The most prevalent destination for trafficked people in India is employment in the commercial sex industry.3 In 1998 the average age of those being trafficked was 18. By 2000, the average age had dropped to 15.⁴India’s sex industry includes some 2 million sex workers, 20% of which are under age 16.⁴ References

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The Solution

There is a critical need for high quality after-care services for women who are rescued from the sex trade.  Existing governmental programs are generally overburdened and/or poorly resourced.⁶

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After-care programs work to help the victims rebuild their lives and respond to the complex emotional and physical needs that are often the result of abuse. These programs attempt to address both the immediate and long-term needs of each victim of trauma. Services may include residential facilities, medical and mental health care, education, job training and economic development programs.

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 The Opportunity

We have established a state-of the-art after-care facility located in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

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We provide educational opportunities, trauma care/counseling and vocational training for minor girls.  Our holistic program is designed to nourish each girl’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being allowing her to not simply survive the past, but to thrive with a renewed sense of dignity and purpose.

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Why Andhra Pradesh, India

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