(Pseudonym and stock photo used to protect her identity)

Brief History

He was married to her…my big sister, that is. Not that she had much choice in the matter. Us girls often don’t. Anyway, I went to live with them after my dad killed himself. I think he just didn’t want to live anymore without my mom. She died from AIDS. That’s pretty common around here.
My sister and brother-in-law needed more money, so I was sent to work as a day laborer. I liked being able to help out by bringing in a few extra rupees each week, but soon they started to abuse me repeatedly at work. After all, I was just a poor, parentless young girl, so who would really care or stick up for me? Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, so I just stopped going to work and instead I stayed home to help around the house. At first, I was relieved to know I’d never have to go back there ever again. But I didn’t know that staying home to help out would be even worse.
He came every afternoon. My brother-in-law, I mean – the one I mentioned before. He came for lunch. But he came for me, too. Even though I knew there was no use, I tried to stop him. I kicked and screamed, but he is big and strong, and he took advantage of me over and over. I wasn’t even allowed to tell my sister, because if I did, he would divorce her. Then we’d be two young girls alone on the street and I didn’t know what would happen to us then, but I thought it would probably be even worse. So I ran away. I hoped I’d find work somewhere else, but Child Services found me and then they brought me here, to New Horizons House. I was one of the first girls to get here, and now I don’t have to be scared of anything anymore. I get to focus on my learning and laugh with my new friends.

Vocational Goals

I would like to learn how to do tailoring and crafts.

Dreams for Future

I would like to become a Nurse

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