How Your Donations Help

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For our donors in Hong Kong (only)

Facilities/Vehicles Residential/Program Medical/Trauma Care Education Vocational Training
Medical Care
Trauma counseling/Individual therapy
Housemothers and staffing
House mother/Professional staff
Vocational/Business training
Selection and preparation of healthy meals.
Shopping/Community life skills

Your Monthly Sponsorship Provides:

$375/month — all expenses for one girl
 $75/month — food, clothing, & education for one girl
 $50/month — medical care & trauma counseling for one girl
 $25/month — vocational training for one girl

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New Horizons House
P. O. Box 620083
Littleton, CO 80162

Your One Time Donation Provides:

$184 — bed, cupboard, dresser, & trunk for one girl
 $75 — clothing for one girl
 $50 — mattress & pillow for one girl
 $25 — sheets, blankets, & mosquito net for one girl