Olivia* is 15 years old. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years-old. She is their only daughter. When her parents divorced, Olivia and her mother moved into the home of a relative. She became a day laborer in order to earn income. Day laborers are hired for a variety of tasks — for example, working in a rice field. She eventually was able to attend school for a few years, but after her mother became very ill, Olivia dropped out of school to stay home and care for her mother. Shortly after her mother recovered, a relative of her father made contact with her and began to visit the home. He arranged to visit when Olivia’s mother was away at work, and he began to sexually abuse her. When Olivia’s mother became aware of the situation, she attempted to intervene, but the male relative then began raping her mother as well.

Olivia was taken to her mother’s employer in an effort to hide her from the male relative. She stayed in the employer’s home for a few days, but she had bonded with her abuser and ran away to be with him, and they were married. The police eventually located them and charged the male with kidnapping and “child marriage.” Olivia was then removed to the Child Welfare Committee who transferred her to New Horizons House where she will be able to recover from the emotional and sexual manipulation of her abuser.


Olivia shows great talent in dexterity and sewing. She would like to become a seamtress and eventually help support her mother financially.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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