Mitali* is 12 years old. She grew up without a father. Both her mother and her older sister are employed as domestic workers. Her older sister is married. Mitali’s mother was not able to properly care for her so she asked the older sister to find a job for her. Her sister was able to get her a position working in the home of her aunt in a large city. The aunt, however, was not satisfied with the quality of her work and began beating her. Her aunt decided to sell her for $70 in order to be rid of her. After being sold, she was abused by her owners. Eventually, she managed to escape, and the Child Welfare Committee placed her with New Horizons House so can be safe and receive counseling and an education.


Mitali loves to learn and has decided she wants to be a teacher. She also enjoys classical Indian dance and hopes to improve her skills so that she could also work as a dance instructor.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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