Brief History:

Jasmine is the youngest of 3 girls. After her two older sisters got married and left home, Jasmine stopped going to school to help out around the house. Still hoping to get married, she pursued a young man named Sanjay. She was very happy as things progressed and they engaged a more intimate and sexual relationship. She asked him to marry her and he said yes, however the elders in her community objected the marriage. Sanjay had shown her that he had a decent amount of money to support them and so Jasmine left with Sanjay.

Jasmine followed Sanjay for a few days and at a Railway station he told her to wait while he took a phone call from a friend. He disappeared and a stranger approached her and told her to come with him. During this exchange, a staff member from the Child Line Team rescued her. Jasmine finally understood that Sanjay had lied and cheated her and that he had sold her into the Railway station to other traffickers.

Vocational Goals:

Jasmine would like to learn how to sew and tailor as well as learn first aid to help others.

Dreams for Future:

Jasmine would like to become a Nurse

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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