History: Ishani* was one of the first girls to arrive at New Horizons House, coming to us on November 30th, 2018.  She had been living with her older sister after her father committed suicide and her mother died of HIV/AIDS.  Ishani began working as a day laborer, but after repeated abuse, she stopped going to work and instead stayed home to help out around the house instead.  Unfortunately, this was no better. Her sister’s husband would come home for lunch during the day and he took advantage of her sexually.  She wanted to speak up, but he threatened to divorce her sister if she said anything, so Ishani kept quiet while her brother in law took advantage of her every day. After a while, Ishani left home, hoping to escape the abuse and find work elsewhere.  That is where Child Services rescued her and brought her to NHH.

Goals: Ishani would like to learn how to do tailoring and crafts.  Her eventual goal is to become a nurse.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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