History: Diya *, age 14,  arrived at New Horizons House on November 30, 2018. She was the only daughter of her parents. After the death of her mother, her father remarried. Her stepmother treated her very harshly, so Diya went to live with her grandparents. In June of 2018, she was forced by her grandparents into marrying a 28 year old carpenter. She did not want to stay with him due to her age. She was also suffering a great deal from the pain of sexual intercourse. She tried to reject his sexual advances, but her husband and his parents beat her and pressured her to continue the sexual relationship. She was also sexually harassed by the brother of her husband. When she informed the grandparents about this, they did nothing. Due to the sexual harassment by her husband and the other family members, she decided to file a complaint against them. She went to the Rural Development Trust and requested to be rescued. As a result, Diya was first placed at the open shelter at Prajwala but then later moved to New Horizons House.

Goals: Diya would like to continue her studies for the next academic year and learn English. In the future, she hopes to become an English and Science teacher.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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