Brief History:

Aarohi is the youngest of 4 daughters.  Two of the older sisters are married.  Aarohi’s parents are separated and her mother relocated to Chinthalapudi along with the children.  Aarohi’s mother kept her siblings in a welfare hostel.  The director of the hostel began harassing the girls sexually.  Aarohi complained to to the police and was able to go back to her mother she began working as a daily laborer. 

There Aarohi was subsequently abused by her boyfriend which lead to being put under observation in a Government home and eventually was placed at the New Horizons House. 

Vocational Goals:

Her desire is to learn tailoring and hand work to become expert in skills.

Dreams for Future:

Her dream is to complete the training and start her life individually and with the support of the organization

*Pseudonym to protect her identity.

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