Anushka and Angel

History:  Anushka* and her younger sister Angel* arrived at New Horizons House on November 30, 2018.  Their father and mother were both alcoholics and unable to provide for their 4 daughters.  They eventually sold the two older girls to men who were sexually abusing them and sent the younger daughters out to be rag pickers in the local dump.  When they failed to bring in sufficient income, both the father and grandfather would abuse Anushka and Angel.  After Anushka’s older sister committed suicide, her father made plans to sell Anushka and Angel.  They decided to leave home and were living as migrants when they were picked up the Child Welfare Committee.

Goals:  Anushka would like to become a teacher and, together with her sister, are currently learning to read in school at NHH and receiving counseling.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity

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