Aalia* grew up in a home with both parents and two siblings.  She became interested in photography and fell under the influence of an older “boy friend” who offered travel for photography.  This turned her against her parents and she repeatedly ran away from home to be with this 22 year old “boy friend”. 

The “boy friend” turned her against her parents and subsequently became abusive.  He would get her high on cocaine and alcohol and give her to others for sex.  She soon was being used to support him by engaging in both property crimes and sex.  Her parents were unable to deal with the situation and asked the Child Welfare Committee to intervene.  CWC rescued her from the situation and determined that this was the fourth girl he had abused in this manner.   After being freed from the addiction, and gaining understanding of how she had be abused, her legal custody was assigned to NHH. 

Aalia was the first girl to be assigned to NHH and is thankful for the facility and opportunity to continue her education.  She is both intelligent and creative…engaging in various art and craft activities and has a longer term desire to complete her education and become a social worker to assist other girls in abusive situations.  She is proving to be a leader among the younger girls at NHH.  She is also interested in learning about computers.

*Pseudonym to protect her identity

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