Moving Forward!

We have a number of exciting things to report. First,  Our Indian Field Director has located a plot of land that appears to be in an ideal location for the construction of the New Horizons House.  He is currently in negotiations over the price but it is already less expensive than comparable properties we were investigating.

Next, we are putting the finishing touches on our non-profit paperwork for submission to the IRS. If you’ve never had to file one of these packets, let’s just say it’s voluminous and tedious! It requires an incredible amount of documentation.  Thankfully, we should have all the details finished and the paperwork submitted in July. Submitting IRS paperwork may not sound too exciting to you, but it’s a lot like crossing the finish line of a marathon to us! It will still need to be approved, of course, but we’ve had some excellent assistance and we are very optimistic at this point. Once the filing is approved it will make our day to day operations and fund raising much easier.

And finally, speaking of fund raising, we’ve started to see some donations come in! Thank you! We’ve only raised a very small portion, however, of what we need in order to purchase the land after final negotiations are completed – and that could be any day now. We urgently need to raise $100,000 so that we are in position to make the purchase and not miss this opportunity. If God has blessed you financially, then please prayerfully consider a donation of $1,000 or more. If we have 100 people donate $,1000 each then we’re there! But if you’re like most people and you don’t have the margin to donate that much all at once then please, please know that every dollar counts and no donation is too small. No matter what the amount of your donation, it WILL make a difference in the life of a young girl rescued from sex slavery. You can even set it up to make automatic recurring donations. Just visit our website ( and click on the donate tab to learn how you can make tax-deductible donations. The sooner we have the property, the sooner we can begin to make a difference. Won’t you please help?

Stay tuned for more news as we continue to move forward with your help!

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